coil thin steel galvanized wire isolated white

ATK Equipment supplies baler wire and strapping for vertical, semi-automatic and fully automatic horizontal balers.

cut & loop baling wire

This product can be used on horizontal or vertical balers. The wire can be used in various applications, such as binding cardboard, textiles, paper, plastics and polythene bales.

  • 14FT cut and loop baling wire
  • 16FT cut and loop baling wire
  • 17FT cut and loop baling wire

Baling Tape

The use of polyester baling tape is an excellent alternative to the use of wire bale binding systems. Its lightweight yet strong material is ideal for binding cardboard, plastic, textile, and other heavy bales.

  • 9mm x 250m baling tape
  • 9mm x 500m baling tape
  • 16mm x 500m baling tape
baler starpping banding roll
compactor bags 1

Compactor bags

Our Compactor Bags are a commercial must-have, coming in a box of 100 sacks designed for superior strength and resilience. These bags are strong, ensuring safe and efficient waste management in high-volume settings such as offices, restaurants, and industrial facilities. Choose between transparent bags for easy content identification, making sorting and recycling tasks more manageable and efficient, and black for security.

  • 240ltr Compactor bags x 100 per box (clear)
  • 240ltr Compactor bags x 100 per box (black)

Baling twine

Bailing Twine is an essential tool for businesses, designed with exceptional strength and durability to withstand heavy-duty commercial usage. Manufactured with weather-resistant properties, it ensures reliable performance in various environmental conditions, making it ideal for industries like agriculture, recycling, packaging, and more. Its versatile design allows for easy handling and convenience, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently, no matter the task at hand.

  • 250m baling twine
baling twine 250m orange