semi automatic baler


It is simple to operate ATK vertical and horizontal balers, and they are of high quality. Horizontal and vertical baler machines that we supply include:

Vertical Balers

  • Mini balers (up to 75kg)
  • Midi balers / twin-chamber (between 200-300kg)
  • Mill-sized balers with counterbalance gates (between 500-600kg)

Horizontal Balers

  • Semi-automatic balers (closed-ended/block-ended)
  • Fully-automatic balers (open-ended)
  • Can balers


We offer flexible finance agreements ranging from 2 years to 5 years. Baler prices start from £13 per week. You can also purchase it outright, safe in the knowledge that our equipment is supplied with a 12 months parts and labour warranty.

Depending on the baler’s capacity, we offer rentals from £25 to £65 per week, and we also provide full rental and maintenance packages.

For more information about our baler sales prices, including bottle crushers, contact us today.


blue midi 01
mill size baler 02


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • More storage space when waste is crushed
  • Safe and convenient

FAQ – Balers

Q: What are mini balers, and who are they suitable for?

A: For smaller offices and shops, medium-volume balers can produce bales weighing up to 75kg depending on what is being baled.

Q: What are midi/twin-chamber balers, and who are they suitable for?

A: The larger midi balers can produce bales of 200-300kg, which is ideal for companies with large warehouses and large amounts of waste.

Q: What are mill-sized balers, and who are they suitable for?

A: Industrial, warehouse, and manufacturing sites can benefit from mill-sized balers for bales of 500-600kg.

Q: What are semi-automatic balers, and who are they suitable for?

A: These balers are ideal for a business that needs to compact low-volume cardboard waste The bales can be crushed at a rate of 3-5 in an hour, but only one at a time.

The feeding/chute openings and configuration rollers can be customised in various ways.

With this sort of waste baler machine, you can use conveyors easily, making your business more efficient and reducing waste management costs.

Due to their simplicity and basic features, these waste balers are the easiest to use, meaning you won’t need to train your staff extensively.

ATK semi-automatic horizontal balers are manufactured using hardened wear plates to the bale chamber and main press ram, standard heavy-duty steel sections and the highest quality components.

Q: What are fully-automatic balers, and who are they suitable for?

A: It is designed to compact enormous quantities of waste at a time. For medium-sized organisations without much space available, they could work well.

Furthermore, they can crush more than one type of waste at once instead of just one.

In this kind of machine, the bales created do not need to be tied manually, thus reducing both labour costs and time.

Due to its efficiency, it can be run continuously for long periods of time with very little maintenance.

ATK offers a full range of fully automatic channel balers ranging from 1 tonne per hour to 25-30 tonne per hour through-puts.