ATK Equipment

Equipment for Your Business Waste Management Needs

Who are we?

Looking to optimise your waste disposal and make it cost-effective?

We specialise in helping companies save money on their waste disposal costs, all while staying up-to-date on the latest landfill legislation.

Waste Machinery

At ATK Equipment, we offer a wide range of waste processing machinery to suit your needs. From Vertical and Horizontal Balers to Compactors, Can Crushers, Incinerators, Drum Crushers, and Bottle Crushers, we have everything you need to handle your waste effectively.

ATK Equipment Services

In addition to our waste processing equipment, ATK is also a licensed waste carrier and broker. That means we can offer a free collection service for your processed waste, making it easy and convenient for you to dispose of your waste in an eco-friendly manner.

ATK Equipment Products

ATK Equipment specialises in bespoke recycling solutions to meet the needs of your business.


Vertical balers

ATK Equipment supplies a full range of electro-hydraulic vertical balers. We are dedicated to providing balers that cater to both types of power supply requirements. Additionally, flexible financing agreements can be arranged, spanning from two to five years.


Horizontal Balers

Our Semi-automatic and Automatic balers are ideal for businesses that need a reliable and powerful waste management solution. Horizontal balers feature advanced technology and automation, allowing them to compress a wide range of materials with minimal operator input.



We offer a variety of waste compactors designed for both portable and static use, which need little maintenance. As a standard feature, ATK offers compactors with high compaction force, large openings for loading, and full interlocking mechanisms for safety.



ATK Equipment offers a range of bins that can be used with their compactors and horizontal balers, such as the 1100L bin available in a variety of colours and freestanding recycling bins with options such as drop fronts.



Along with industry-leading waste machinery, ATK Equipment also offers competitively-priced waste consumables, including baler wire and baler strapping for vertical, semi-automatic, and fully automatic horizontal balers.


Forklift Snow Ploughs

Forklift Snow Ploughs are great for clearing freshly fallen or compacted snow from parking lots, access roads, and service yards. Our customers often use them as a yard scraper to keep their driveways clean during the winter months.